The Trans Language Primer

A guide to the language of gender, attraction, and acceptance.

Gender is complicated, and no one has it completely figured out. Acknowledging this complexity was once the norm. Many cultures – before colonization – had terms and expressions far beyond what we have available today. Vocabulary, especially in and around the transgender community, has exploded. There’s now a variety of words to express a countless number of genders and facets of gender experience. This explosion is a combination of reclamation and creation. But we have to be wary of creation under colonization so we do not replicate the gender norms, ideas, and systems that oppress each other.

That’s part of why this Primer was created. It is an attempt to document the movement to express and identify the complexity of gender while acknowledging its history and intersections. Over the years, we have expanded significantly. We now include some terms in this Primer that are not immediately recognizable as being related to gender in the hopes of helping to explain the context within which the rest of the Primer operates.  

Gender is extremely personal. Trying to express our understanding of gender is personal and complicated. We hope the Primer will help people express these things in ways that will help them understand each other and themselves.

  • Check out the full index to view all 200-some terms in alphabetical order. Each entry includes part(s) of speech, definition(s), and example sentences. Many contain links to further reading for more context.

  • Check out our Guided Tours Index to view our curated lists of terms to help contextualize different aspects of the trans+ community.

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