Ally / Accomplice


An ally or accomplice is someone who has made a commitment to support a cause that they themselves might not have a direct stake in. For example, a straight cisgender person could choose to be an ally to transgender people by disrupting their peers when someone is speaking transphobically and advocating for things that benefit transgender people, like gender neutral restrooms and removing gender labels from professional or official documents.

Being an ally isn’t something that someone can just call themselves. Being an ally is a constant process. The term “ally” has come to be viewed with skepticism by many marginalized communities. Too often, people will claim to be allies simply because they abstractly or intellectually support a certain marginalized group. But then in reality, they do nothing to actually support those same people. This is why the term “accomplice” has come to take its place by those who attempt to live their stated values.

e.g. Oak knew that to be an ally to his queer friends, it would take more than just saying the right things.

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