Aporagender people have a strong understanding of their own gender as being completely separate from the gender binary and spectrum. Aporagender does not include men or women. Nor does it include people who identify with masculinity or femininity in any way, such as non-binary people who are bigender or genderfluid between wo/man.

This can be hard to understand, as there is almost no language around gender that isn’t tied to masculinity or femininity. Even aporagender people can struggle to further specify their experience of gender. That’s why this word exists, so that there can be a start to that conversation– “I know my gender isn’t tied to masculinity or femininity, but beyond that, I’m not entirely sure. But I know I’m at least aporagender.”

Aporagender people may or may not transition physically, legally, or socially. Categorically, aporagender people are considered under the non-binary and transgender umbrellas, but they may or may not identify with those terms individually. Those decisions are based on their understanding of their relationship with gender and their access to transitioning within their culture. 

e.g. Grace was excited to discover that ne is aporagender, as it made a lot of nir childhood make more sense.

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