“Conversion Therapy”

“Conversion Therapy”


CN: This entry discusses the specifics of conversion therapy, including abuse of all kinds.

”Conversion therapy” is not actually therapy. It is based on the idea that being queer in any capacity is a mental illness or personality defect. “Conversion therapy” claims to make a person “no longer queer,” when it reality, all it does is traumatize queer people and force them back into hiding. “Conversion therapy” labels queerness as an illness that can be treated and cured and is often done in treatment facilities and religious institutions where queer people can be isolated from support. It is also practiced in outpatient therapy offices.

“Conversion therapy” uses a combination of guilt, shame, isolation, threats, emotional abuse, and often physical and sexual abuse. Those who have gone through “conversion therapy” are at higher risk of self-harm, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug dependency, and are at increased risk of attempting suicide.

e.g. Beck didn’t talk about his time in Omaha, as that was where his family forced him into conversion therapy.

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