Electrolysis / Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis / Laser Hair Removal


Both of these terms refer to processes by which hair follicles are damaged in order to prevent the regrowth of hair. Neither are usually covered by insurance and rates vary. Electrolysis uses shortwave radio frequencies via an epilator device to destroy hair follicles and is usually administered by a dermatologist. It is the more permanent solution of the two, though it still requires multiple sessions.

Laser hair removal uses mild radiation via high-heat lasers to damage hair follicles. It tends to work best if you have fair skin and dark hair. While hair will grow back, it will grow back finer and lighter. Laser hair removal also runs the risk of more side effects. At-home versions of both of these methods exist, but are not proven to be safe or effective. 

e.g. Ryan underwent electrolysis for nir facial hair.

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