Who runs this?

My name is Greyson Simon (they/them/their, vi/vir/vis) and I’m the founder of the Trans Language Primer. I’ve been out as queer since 2003 and out as genderqueer and trans since 2009. I started my work within the community at Genderfork as a photo curator (2009-2010), in early Trans Youtube running my own channel and participating in collabs (2009-2011), and on early Trans Tumblr where I ran multiple projects (2010-2014). I then moved to Facebook where I worked as a community manager for the Facebook Transgender Alliance (2014-2017). It was here that I decided to create the TLP after struggling for years to point folks in the direction of resources that were comprehensive enough to get newbies started, but flexible enough to keep pace with the community’s exploration of gender. In 2015, I was recognized by the Trans100 for my work with the FTA and the beginnings of the TLP alongside many other amazing community workers. I also completed the Out In Front leadership program that same year where I was able to meet other community builders from around my local region. I’m passionate about reaching back to help others and believe that the only way we’ll survive the fascist onslaught against our community is by working across our differences to support each other. It’s with this spirit that I run the TLP and put as much money back into the community as I can.

– Greyson Simon, 2023

If you have any suggestions on how we can continue this work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Mx. Michon Neal of The Metanoiac Portal, who was our sensitivity reader for 2017 and whose edits have been instrumental in making this a living document that can supply a foundation of intersectional awareness and understanding around gender. If you have a document, project, or blog that even remotely deals with or needs an intersectional awareness of systemic privilege and oppression (aka everyone who has a document, project, or blog), should hire hir for this work. The insight that ze brought to the entire process of redrafting was incredibly beneficial.


Our Patrons make all this and more possible with their support and generosity. We cannot possibly thank you enough. A special thank you to the following patrons, both current and former, whose monthly contributions to the TLP Patreon allow us to keep doing our work: Tess of RPG Casts, DC, Robin Reusch, Minna Reilly and Rhi of The Magpies Podcast, Corrine Beck of the Magic Folk Podcast, the entire Roll Like a Girl Podcast, Vel, Jonny Ehrich, Laura “Laura47” Boylan, Casey Dilg, Anthony Fleury, Andy Nees, Jams by Jeanette, Julia Din, Tyler F., Aaron Spiegel-Emms, Stephen G. Krueger, HDisco, Will L., and Ryan B. alongside other anonymous patrons.

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We are in the middle of implementing our Spanish Translation. Please be aware that some content may be incomplete or inaccessible at this time. There will be an announcement on our Patreon page when we have fully implemented the translation. Thank you for your patience.