(sintagma nominal)

This is a surgical procedure performed on those who have developed breasts to remove all breast tissue in what is commonly referred to as chest reconstruction or top surgery

Content warning for somewhat graphic descriptions:

The breast tissue is removed surgically in an outpatient procedure. It is generally performed in one of five types of procedures depending on the size of breast and surgeon. Those are Buttonhole Technique, Double Incision or DI (the most common), Inverted T or T-Anchor, Keyhole, and Peri-Areolar. Depending on which of these surgeries are performed, you may have extensive scarring and may need drain tubes put in that are removed 3-10 days after surgery. Nipples are generally resized to fit the new chest, and are sometimes removed and grafted back into place. Standard healing time for this surgery is 8 weeks to 6 months, depending on the surgery, and surgical revision may need to be done after 6 months to complete the surgery.

e.g. Mo asked his friend Katy if she would help him after his mastectomy.

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