Phalloplasty / Scrotoplasty

Phalloplasty / Scrotoplasty

(sintagma nominal)

This procedure involves surgery to create a penis and/or scrotum, which the following definition will describe in some detail. A phalloplasty that doesn’t include a vaginectomy is sometimes referred to as a vaginal preservation phalloplasty.

Content warning for somewhat graphic descriptions:

As of 2017, there are four main techniques, but all require donor tissue from another part of the body and lengthening of the urethra. Tissue is either taken from the upper thigh, groin, abdomen, back, or the forearm (but may be taken elsewhere depending on the person and the surgeon) and used to create the phallus. Options that are often included in this surgery are urethroplasty / urethral lengthening, where the urethra is moved and lengthened to reach the tip of the phallus; vaginectomy, which is the removal of the vagina; and scrotoplasty, which is the creation of a scrotum from the labia, though there are surgeons who will do a phalloplasty without these options.

A further extension of this surgery may be done approximately nine months after the completion of the phalloplasty, where a penile implant is inserted into the the phallus to assist the individual with penetration. This optional part of the surgery can also include testicular implants as well.

There can be complications, particularly around the area where the phallus conjoins with the rest of the body. Tissue dying in the areas where the tissue was taken is common and may require further skin grafts. Blockage in the urethra is also a common complication. The procedures can be broken up into several parts that can span months. Further surgeries may also be necessary to correct complications.

e.g. Micah was excited for his upcoming phalloplasty.

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