Pumping can refer to several different things in the trans community. In no particular order the top two definitions are:

  • the act of being injected with “free silicone,” often to create more “feminine” body curves, though “pumping” may be used colloquially to refer to any underground plastic surgery. Any and all plastic surgery should be performed by a board certified surgeon. There are reasons why silicone implants are silicone contained in some kind of casing and not injected freely.
  • the act of using suction to increase the size of a phallus. While this is generally safe, it’s important to be careful as it can cause harm if overdone or done improperly.

e.g. Jenny was horrified when her friend invited her to a pumping party— she knew how dangerous free silicone could be! Marcus was recommended by his surgeon to pump in the months leading up to his metoidioplasty.

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