TERF / FART / “Gender Critical”

TERF / FART / “Gender Critical”

(noun / adjective)

TERF and FART stand for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” and “feminism appropriating ridiculous transphobe” respectively. “Gender Critical” is what these people call themselves now that they don’t like TERF anymore (a term that they were using for themselves within the last decade).

TERFs are transphobes loosely organized into a trans hate group. They ally with the conservative religious right to put forth legislation that bars trans people from public and private life. Their current obsession is trans people in sports. While they hate all trans people, they attack trans women especially aggressively as trans women challenge TERFs’ view of biological essentialism around the identity and experience of womanhood. They also have an unhealthy fascination with trans kids and work especially hard to make the lives of trans kids miserable, usually under the guise of protecting cisgender kids.

e.g. The speaker that the university had brought in was a well known TERF.

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