Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

(noun phrase)

Facial feminization is a broad term for a variety of surgeries that alter the facial structure. Typically, the end goal is to conform more closely to white European cisnormative standards of femininity, though it can be tailored to the individual’s desires. These surgeries are not solely for trans women, as many cisgender women are unhappy with their facial structure. The procedures involved may include hairline correction, brow lifting, forehead recontouring, and orbital recontouring. It may also include rhinoplasty, chin and jaw contouring, lip lifting, tracheal shave, and face/neck lifts. It is fairly standard to see multiple of these surgeries done at the same time, or done in two different surgeries.

Facial masculinization surgeries also exist but are less widely known and pursued due to how robust the effects of testosterone can be on masculine trans people rendering it unnecessary for many people’s dysphoria.

CN: the following paragraph has more detail about what some of these surgeries involve. Those who are made uncomfortable by surgical details may want to skip past.

While most are fairly common plastic surgeries, orbital recontouring and chin/jaw recontouring are specialized surgeries that generally require the shaving of bone, removal of bone sections, and alteration and removal of muscle systems. Those surgeries are more complex and come with larger risks of prolonged and permanent damage to the jaw, esophagus, eye, and face. As such, those surgeries require specialized and experienced surgeons.

e.g. Audrey had FFS due to extreme dysphoria about her strong brow and pronounced chin. She has found that the results of her surgery have increased her gender euphoria.

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