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Discord is a great place to give us immediate feedback. Found a typo? Need clarification on a certain term? Want to know what other keywords to search for or if we know of a good article around a certain term? Join us on Discord and ask! This is the space where we are most immediately responsive.

Bringing you Daily Shouts about the Transgender Language Primer and other assorted relevant content. We’re fairly responsive if you @ us, but otherwise are not heavily active. This is largely due to how many trolls love using Twitter to harass trans people and otherwise spread disinfo and hate.

We abhor the way Facebook treats trans people (banning folks for using chosen names, not removing anti-trans hate speech, catering to bigots around trans pride), but we do maintain a presence there. Facebook does not make managing a page simple so we may have some lag in responding on this platform due to the byzantine nature of their management tools.

Employment can be a very difficult subject for the trans+ community, which is why we maintain a small presence on LinkedIn to help boost relevant content as well as our own educational posts. This is also a good place to look to see if we have any job opportunities available, such as for our Translation Projects.

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We are in the middle of implementing our Spanish Translation. Please be aware that some content may be incomplete or inaccessible at this time. There will be an announcement on our Patreon page when we have fully implemented the translation. Thank you for your patience.