Gender Euphoria

Gender Euphoria

(compound noun)

The opposite of dysphoria. The strong feeling of joy when one’s gender is being respected and affirmed, whether through outward presentation that is being read correctly, through representation, or through inward acceptance of one’s own gender. Like dysphoria, it can come in many forms, and a trans person need not feel either euphoria nor dysphoria to be trans. Cisgender people can also feel gender euphoria, but it’s often overlooked as many cisgender people take their gender being affirmed for granted.

Unfortunately, due to racism and colonialism, gender euphoria is not accessible to all trans people equally. Black people are even more likely to be killed if they are trans, less likely to ‘pass’ as cisgender due to the racist aspects of cisnormativity, and less likely to have the resources and support to access the things that would enable them to experience euphoria about their gender.

e.g. Lucinda felt gender euphoria whenever she wore her favorite sun-dress.

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