Gender Expansive

Gender Expansive

(compound adjective)

Gender that expands beyond the typical boundaries of the gender binary or spectrum. Much like genderqueer, it is hard to specifically define because the possibilities are quite literally infinite. This term is often used to talk about children who haven’t fully expressed their gender identity in language yet, but who show signs of being gender non-conforming or trans. There are some critiques about this term in that it centers binary experiences of gender and paints transgender, non-binary, and GNC experiences as “other” or abnormal.

Gender expansive people may or may not transition physically, legally, or socially. Categorically, gender expansive people are considered under the gender non-conforming and trans+ umbrellas. But they may or may not identify with those terms specifically. Those decisions are based on their understanding of their relationship with gender and their access to transitioning within their culture. 

e.g. Melissa refers to her child, Landon, as gender expansive because he demands to wear dresses but also loudly proclaims that he’s not a girl.

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