Gender Galaxy

Gender Galaxy

(noun phrase)

This is a model of gender to assist in visualizing the diversity of gender identities and expression within humanity. A galaxy is a three dimensional object in space that consists of billions of star systems, dark matter, and other space objects. All of these objects are interconnected by the force of gravity. Similarly, gender is an overarching term that consists of incredibly diverse identities that can be expressed in infinite ways. Like a galaxy, gender is a web between the relation of people’s personal experience of gender and other forces. Those other forces are the socialization and expectations both within their own societies and across the world.

In space, we’ve often found objects that look similar only to find they’re made up of completely different elements. We’ve also found objects that look different only to find that they’re made up of different states of matter. The same can be said for gender. Two people who look the same might have completely different ideas of their own gender. And two people who look different might actually be the same gender.

While all space objects are in motion due to the expansion of space, we’ve found some objects that move in predictable ways. Others move in less predictable ways. This is similar to the way some people’s genders are static or change predictably, while others have genders that change in more complicated ways.

Relation to other models:

This model supersedes previously attempted models such as the gender binary and the gender spectrum, and we at the Primer feel it is one of the better models to begin understanding the vastness of gender.

e.g. Chelle told their friend Izaya about the gender galaxy because they were tired of their gender being related back to the gender spectrum when they feel no connection to it and they were hopeful that Izaya would understand.

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