Gender Non-Conforming (GNC)

Gender Non-Conforming (GNC)

(compound adjective)

Someone who does not fully conform to the expectations around their gender that their society enforces. This may be, but is not limited to: expression, roles, or some other aspect of gender. Being GNC is distinct from being transgender, though some trans people may consider themselves gender non-conforming. Gender non-conformity is generally apparent in people who identify as a binary gender, either cisgender or transgender. A femme trans man is just as nonconforming as a femme cis man. Some non-binary people may also identify as gender non-conforming for a variety of reasons but GNC and non-binary are totally separate, different things.

e.g. Irial had been labeled gender non-conforming from a young age and only later in life determined zir gender to be non-binary.

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