Hysterectomy / Oopherectomy

Hysterectomy / Oopherectomy


A hysterectomy is actually multiple surgical procedures performed on AFAB/IS people to remove some or all parts of the reproductive system that includes the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. The full medical terms for removal of all parts are a hysterectomy (uterus) with salpingo (fallopian tubes) oopherectomy (ovaries). It is commonly referred to as a full or partial hysto within the trans community. While usually the full surgery is completed, some opt to only have ovaries removed as they are the part of the reproductive system that produces estrogen

Formerly a major surgery, scientific advances have made this surgery less complex with the use of robots and lasers that allow for 4 minor incisions, a healing time of 2-12 weeks, and only a few nights in the hospital at most. Many of these surgeries are performed outpatient, allowing the patient to go home within 24 hours.

e.g. Teagan asked his friend Sai for help the day after his hysterectomy.

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