Multigender / Polygender

Multigender / Polygender


Multigender is a term for anyone who experiences more than one gender. It can be used as a gender identity in its own right, or can be an umbrella term for other identities which fit this description. Some multigender people shift between genders while others are multiple genders simultaneously. Individual genders may or may not be binary. Some multigender people are both cisgender and transgender. Polygender people may or may not transition physically, legally, or socially. This is based on their understanding of their relationship with gender and their access to transitioning within their culture. Generally, multigender people are considered under the non-binary and transgender umbrellas but may or may not identify as non-binary or transgender specifically.

e.g. Hanna is multigender and bought a necklace that could show different sets of pronouns as her gender shifts over time.

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