Non-Binary Erasure

Non-Binary Erasure

(compound noun | to erase, verb, -ed, -ing, -s)

The erasing, ignoring or antagonizing of people whose genders are outside of the gender binary. This is often seen in regards to legal paperwork and the language we use to gender others. An example would be “boys and girls” when talking to a group of children of varied genders or phrases like “opposite gender.”

While this may not seem like an issue to those who are not non-binary, not only does being on the receiving end of erasure on a regular basis lead to depression, anxiety, and other ill effects, but non-binary erasure also creates a hostile environment for anyone even slightly gender non-conforming. The effects extend beyond legal and linguistic ground, as everything from medical care to using the bathroom to hanging out to buying anything can be seen as a gendered activity. 

e.g. Non-binary erasure is rampant within the medical community.

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