Packing / Packer / Harness / STP

Packing / Packer / Harness / STP

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Prosthetics that some trans people, crossdressers, and drag performers use to alleviate dysphoria and adjust their presentation. A packer is a prosthetic penis that allows people to better fill out cisnormative clothing. They come in “hard” and “soft”, with “hard packers” being designed for sexual play and “soft packers” being designed for everyday casual wear. They are usually made of silicone and can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Some are self-adhesive, some require adhesive such as double sided tape, and some require specific prosthetic undergarments or harnesses designed to hold them in place. STP is short for “stand-to-pee” and these are special packers designed to allow the user to urinate while standing.

e.g. Fionn used a packer to fill out his pants.

Places to purchase packing gear: RodeoH (USA) | Bullet Briefs (USA) | TransGuy Supply (USA) | Get Your Joey (CAN) | Spectrum Outfitters (UK) | Paxsies (NL) | Sock Drawer Heroes (AUS)

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