Transmisogyny Affected / Exempted (TMA/E)

Transmisogyny Affected | Transmisogyny Exempt (TMA | TME)

(compound noun | acronym)

An attempt at more accurately describing the experiences of people based on whether they are targeted by transmisogyny instead of relying on assumptions around birth assignment. Unfortunately, many people use these terms as a direct replacement for birth assignment. Doing so erases or ignores the experiences of intersex and non-binary people. Their experiences often are not as simple as “I was seen as a woman; I am now seen as a man,” and vice versa.

Transmisogyny is not a simple concept. It happens to a variety of people for a whole variety of reasons. It cannot be boiled down to “this set of people experience it and these people do not”. Transmisogyny is a social situation dictated by the parties involved. The general lack of nuance around who experiences transmisogyny and people using it as a direct replacement for birth assignment language has kept these terms from wider usage.

e.g. Kathleen considered herself to be TMA based on her history of being harassed by men for passing as a trans woman in public.

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